A lot of people spend a lot of money on change and a lot of people experience an inability or know how to sustain what they have learnt.  So today I thought we would do a video on ‘How to Sustain Change’.

Human beings tend to confuse the bejesus out of EVERYTHING.

The number#1 reason why people do not sustain change is because they do CONFUSION.


Now you might be thinking – ‘Choosing to be confused?’.  Most people do not realise how often in a given day they do confused by using the words ‘I don’t know?’.  If you don’t answer your questions what makes you think, the next day, week, month, year or decade will be any different.   I train people to never hang out in ‘I don’t know?’, and answer the question!  Isn’t it convenient that you are confused about it?  You don’t have to be responsible!!!! Training yourself to be your own ’self-coach’, and you become the source of your own answers then you can take your power back!

We at Evolved Leadership always bring simplicity to complexity.

Transformation is not difficult we just complicate the hell out of it.  Confusion is a function of the ‘default identity’ that disempowered state we keep cycling back into.  There are many layering’s of the default identity that make up your unique ‘default blueprint’.  I have cracked the code on why people ’struggle with sustaining change’.

To keep it simple, there are ONLY 3 things that hinder someone from sustaining the change that they want:


1.   If one does not know about their ‘default identity’, then one cannot transcend it?

2. Most people’s relationship with their spoken word is absolutely lousy.  Do you not think if you were committed to sustaining change you would sustain change? hello!

3. Choice, we have a choice on how we feel, how we react, what we do, what we say, yet most people don’t realise they have a choice about what it is they are experiencing in their life

So, if you know every nuance of your default identity, if you are your word, and you know you always have a choice, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist people, sustainable change is guaranteed.  Stop tolerating not experiencing the change you desire in any area of your life!

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