The Co-Creative Age – The Next Evolutionary Phase In Leadership By Sally Anderson

Is not just another leadership book in the global marketplace but an iconic book essential for the evolution of the human race as we know it!

Sally Anderson’s understanding of the human psyche, and her ability to use this insight to reconfigure the way in which leaders lead, places her as one of the greatest leadership influencers of our time.

There is a cacophony of noise in the world of leadership. This book is a fresh voice that distinguishes itself through authenticity and truth – sometimes brutal, but essential. It is not just another leadership book, but an essential guide for the evolution of the human race as we know it! This book will:

  • IGNITE and awaken a sense of urgency, arouse intrigue, fuel passion for wanting to explore the unknown realm
  • EVOLVE the consciousness of those who lead, who can then make the difference for future generations to come
  • LIBERATE current consciousness to unfathomable realms to then pay it forward – it’s the ultimate purpose of our human existence

“Without a doubt, one of the most influential thought leaders in the personal & professional transformation space of our generation.”

Steve Lowell, International Speaker and Mentor to speakers worldwide

“Sally Anderson has a unique and powerful way of changing the cultural DNA of an organization forever. The Co-Creative Age is a must-read for every leader who intuitively knows that the time has come. A new era of leadership has begun.”

Terry Hawkins, Founder/CEO People In Progress Global

“Sally has a unique educational approach that combines powerful techniques to transform the self and inspires the leader to operate at their highest level. Her education is powerful and sustainable and is without doubt a must for the next generation leader in any organisation”

Professor Nellie Georgiou Karistianis – Associate Dean, Graduate Research
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences


When Sally asked me to write this forward I was both challenged and excited. I am excited because in my opinion Sally is one of those extraordinary people you only get to meet a few times in your life. That’s saying something, my business Thought Leaders means I get to spend an inordinate amount of time around people that are truly inspiring and making a difference. No doubt Sally’s backstory is point of difference enough, anyone who has been thrown the life lessons and dramatic experiences she has would be someone worth listening to and yet thats not her greatest asset. Sally has taken a life worth of experience and added a life worth oF learning and teaching the idea of rigorous self responsibility.

Sally is a powerful creator and as such the perfect person to write a book about the co-creative age. This book should read like a code book for hacking the future. Its rich and its layered. The equanimous leader concept alone is an idea that should cause deep meditation and reflection for any leader who is exposed to it.

In Mahayana Buddhism, bodhisattva is the Sanskrit term for anyone who, motivated by great compassion, has generated bodhicitta, which is a spontaneous wish to attain buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. Reading this book I feel like that Sally is modern day bodhisattva. a rare soul who pauses on their journey to enlightenment to ferry others across the river of consciousness.

The Co-creative Age unpacks a theologically agnostic view for creating companies and cultures we would all be happy living and working in. The ideas within this book are accessible to the agnostic, atheist and extremist. I was a fan of Sally’s first book Freefall – Living Life Beyond The Edge and am happy to say even more so one of this book. It just might be Sally’s Life Opus, that being said I have learnt that – WOW – is never a full stop with Sally. So don’t read this book – absorb it. To elevate consciousness on the planet is the greatest and most worthy job any teacher can undertake.

Matt Church

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