Sally Guest

Country Partner – Evolved Leadership

Sally Guest – Partner – Evolved Leadership 

Sally Guest is a High Performance Coach, Mentor and Author who is a Partner for Evolved Leadership Canada.  Over and above championing her own Leadership Coaching Practice, Sally also heads up business operations in Canada for Evolved Leadership.  She works with high achieving executives, entrepreneurs and leaders to unrecognisably transform their performance both personally and professionally.  Sally is a former corporate/commercial lawyer whose own personal health journey drove her to certify as an Evolved Leadership Coach.  This led to a natural partnership with Sally Anderson and the team at Evolved Leadership to bring this ground breaking education to Canada.

Over the past 8 years, Sally has developed her philosophy around optimal human performance and potential, which she powerfully combines with the Evolved Leadership curriculum to assist her clients to create extraordinary, sustainable results. She’s helped a wide range of clients; including health coaches, financial advisors and investors, government executives, military personnel and chiropractors.

This, from a recent graduate of Sally’s 1-1 Evolved Leadership Coaching Program: “Where do you even begin to thank someone for helping you unrecognisably transform your life?…You are knowledgeable, professional and highly intuitive – but your greatest gift was how you believed in me before I believed in myself…”