Roger Te Tai

Director & Cultural Advisor

Roger started his career in construction as an apprentice boilermaker. Over 30 years he moved up the ranks into construction management, working on some of the largest projects in the world, consistently delivering results well in excess of forecast results.

After 30 years in the construction industry, Roger Te Tai joined Sally Anderson in her bid to create inspired, sustainable change in indiviuals and organisations. Roger’s diverse background has given him unique skills to help heal divides within indigenous cultures, and to help businesses who would like to align themselves more closely to their national identity.

Roger brings a unqiue skill set to businesses and individuals embarking on change. Roger’s proven ability to bring projects in on time and on budget to strict KPIs is second to none. His experience in the construction industry, coupled with his own amazing story form a strong foundation from which to drive successful change and growth within an organisation.

After many years Roger has returned to his Maori heritage in tertiary study of Te Reo Maori (Maori language). Within only 3 months of returning to this, he was able to speak to an audience of 150 people at a wananga (forum) in fluent reo for 3 hours. He now wants to use the knowledge that he has gained in his work around the world to help people find the strength in their cultural roots, and to help overcome both professional and personal divisions.