Freefall – Transformational Journey To Self Mastery CD Kit

Have you ever invested time, money and energy into your own personal and/or professional development and not received a return on that investment? Are you ready to finally receive that return in full?

In The Transformational Journey to Self Mastery program, Sally Anderson walks you through the essential elements of a life-changing shift, and shows you how to consciously create the conditions that make dramatic, lasting personal and professional transformation not merely possible, but inevitable.

In this powerful and compelling 9-CD program, you will discover the powerful distinctions and tools that can change your life, and how to generate them within yourself at will, rather than waiting for external circumstances to activate them (something which may never happen).

Sally will show you how to direct your momentum toward the specific circumstances of your life that you want to change. Using the unique and powerful set of tools she provides, you’ll be able to target any situation with laser-like focus and begin to transform it instantaneously.

With the love, wisdom, and down-to-earth insights that made her famous, Sally covers it all – from rewriting your past to living fully “in the now”, to unearthing and fulfilling your legacy. Wherever you’re looking to change, you’ll find the explanation and tools to make that change happen immediately.

Sally Anderson steps off the stage and into the intimate surroundings of a studio for a conversational presentation of over 60 ideas and strategies that are unique to her education. The result is an amazingly powerful listening experience. You’ll feel as if Sally is right there in the room, speaking directly to you in a one-on-one coaching session focused on your unique goals, needs, and challenges.

There’s no reason for you to live with unhappiness or dissatisfaction – no matter how great or small. At any moment, you can choose to transform any circumstance in your life. The Transformational Journey to Self Mastery will give you the tools and information to achieve any change you want to. You’ll be astonished by how quickly and easily it happens.

Module 1
Who would you be if your life was no longer held hostage by your past?

Module 2
Who would you be if you let go of limiting beliefs from the past and reclaimed your power?

Module 3
Who would you be if you experienced the level of transformation you’ve always wanted?

Module 4
Who would you be if you silenced your destructive internal dialogue (‘inner critic’)?

Module 5
Who would you be if you achieved mastery in every area of your life?

Module 6
Who would you be if you could access ‘the zone’ and manifest whatever you want with ease?

Module 7
Who would you be if every relationship in your life — personal and professional — was extraordinary?

Module 8
Who would you be if you fulfilled your true, lifetime potential?

Module 9
Who would you be if you unearthed your Legacy and lived it NOW?