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Evolved Certified Levels

Prerequisites: Evolved 3 Day Leadership Advance

Level 1

Evolved Leadership Immersion Training Programme

The Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training Programme is a comprehensive leadership training programme offering the opportunity to become involved in a career which is both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Level 2

Coach the Coach

The role of Coach the Coach is offering coaching support to certified leadership coaches. Specific training to be a coach of coaches requires completion of Level 2 Certification and meeting certain required standards.

Level 3

Train the Trainer

The role of Train the Trainer is training to the level of administering the 12 week Level 1 – Evolved Leadership Immersion Training Programme. To lead the training one must complete Level 3 Certification and meet certain required standards.

Level 4

Master Coach Status

Master Coach is our elite leadership coaching training programme. The role of Master Coach is achieving the highest level of certification. Master Coaches are extraordinary individuals who have achieved exemplary results in their lives and who stand out in the coaching profession and in our programme. To achieve this level of certification one must have led the Train the Trainer capacity for minimum of 2 years, and met certain required standards to an exemplary level.

Level 5

Evolved Advance Leader Training

It is intended to train Certified Coaches who have achieved Master Coach Level proficiency to lead future Evolved 3 Day Leadership Advances.