“Leadership Development is Self Development”, this Programme explores the Development of Leadership as a Personal Learning Journey. We nurture and develop emerging to established world class, dynamic and diverse leaders for 21st century”

Evolved Leadership signature leadership programme unleashes leadership potential and equips participants with a world class toolbox of leadership skills and unique coaching resources that specialise in sustainable solutions. The programme is comprehensive and immersive by design and targeted at those passionate about enhancing the human condition.

We are interested in growing a community of leadership peers who are interested in a co-creative partnership to raise the consciousness of those who lead.

“I wouldn’t recommend the programme to just anyone; it’s demanding, and truly takes something to complete the programme (not because of the programme itself, but because of the level to which you step up in your life in general). However both the short term and long term gains of doing so definitely outweigh the costs. If someone is up for making a real difference on this planet, and transforming their lives like never before, then I believe this programme will call them, like it called me.”

Laurel McLay
Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach

Why Evolved Leadership Development?

  • Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training Programme is the first programme globally that is focused on ‘sustainable transformation’ and ‘co-creative leveraging’.
  • The Evolved Education Curriculum has been tried and proven for over 14 years.
  • The programme is world class and the material is presented in a ‘real hands on’ environment whereby all participants are actively engaging right from the first coach clinic.
  • While challenging and confronting, the Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training Programme is not a short lived experience; quite the contrary, participants describe the tone of the programme as infiltrative, comprehensive and hugely transformative with the facilitators creating a safe and supportive proactive learning environment.
  • Over and above it being a Leadership Development Programme it is also an intensive coach training immersion programme facilitating unrecognisable transformation in those who participate.
  • Although the primary focus is professional development, every participant experiences by osmosis a complete reinvention of their entire life, including their personal life.
  • Practitioners focused on enhancing the human condition are not usually equipped with cutting edge practices that facilitate life altering results – participants undergo their own reinvention to thereby facilitate this same level of reinvention in those that they have the privilege to work with.
  • Most traditional leadership development programmes are conventional in nature, the Evolved Leadership Immersion Training Programme however is far from traditional and/or conventional, it is quite frankly one of the most transformational leadership development programmes on the market today – why? because it leverages the co-creative realm and at its core is focused on sustainable transformation.
  • The Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training Programme is a comprehensive leadership training programme offering the opportunity to become involved in a career which is both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. Are you interested in joining a community of extraordinary individuals pioneering new ways of being in the advancement of human performance?
  • Unique to this programme are the Evolved Leadership Co-Creative Principles exploring the integration of the 6 realms of intimacy of those who lead, i.e Social Intimacy, Emotional Intimacy, Cultural Intimacy, Physical Intimacy, Intellectual Intimacy, and Spiritual Intimacy.
  • Another key success factor of this programme is not the programme itself – when the programme finishes is when it actually starts for all participants who then enter the Evolved Leadership Peer Community – pioneering thought leaders championing intuitive Inspired Learning Delivering Sustainable Change for life!

The Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training Programme is a comprehensive leadership training programme offering the opportunity to become involved in a career which is both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. Are you interested in joining a community of extraordinary individuals pioneering new ways of being in the advancement of human performance?

Who Is The Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training Programme For?

Leadership Specialists
Cultural Change Agents
Thought Leaders
Senior Executives
Business Consultants
Business Owners

Subject Matter Experts
Social Workers
Mental Health Workers
Anyone committed to improving / transcending the human condition as we know it

The entire purpose of the human existence is to not only listen to the call, but to fulfil on that calling on why you are here in this life-time.
Once achieved, you have a responsibility to PAY FORWARD what you have learnt for the benefit of future generations that have not even been born yet – feel free to challenge me on that!

Sally Anderson

The Curriculum

The Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training programme first phase includes a 3 month intense curriculum which is made up of 12 models. Phase 2 is where the certified coach enters the Evolved Leadership Peer Community to be supported for the life of the certification period by fellow certified coaches to exemplify the teachings in their own life and business.


PHASE 1: 12 weeks/3 months intensive

4 x 3-day LIVE IN residential Coach Training Clinics
One-on-one coaching with Master Coach Sally Anderson, 1 hour per week
Weekly Support tele classes – 12 in total
Supervised coaching support pre and post training

PHASE 2: Life of Certification within the Evolved Leadership Peer Community

Weekly / Fortnightly buddy sessions with fellow certified coaches to focus in on achieving goals in all areas of our lives – Accountability structure
Supervisory Peer Reviews of all coaching sessions up to 1-2 years
6 Weekly Refresher Support Calls on Entire Curriculums
4 Monthly Workshops for the entire Evolved Leadership Peer Community
Annual Coach Conferences


The delivery of the Phase 1 portion of Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training is via a mix of in-person training in group format, tele-classes, individual supervisions, and private coaching. Tele-classes are conducted by the Master Coach over the 12 week period. These tele-classes review and deepen the core practices presented in the programme.

5 Types of Entrant

1. Wish to enter purely for personal and/or professional development reasons
2. Wish to add coaching revenue to their suite of service offerings
3. Those who are subject matter experts wishing to charge more and leverage a higher caliber of clientele by adding this education to their toolkit
4. CEOs/Business Owners who wish to incorporate this education within their organization
5. Corporate and/or large organisations that wish to run Leadership Development Programmes – Coach Certification Immersion Trainings IN-HOUSE to retain the education long term
6. Wish to evolve their current leadership capability to unfathomable levels.
7. Wish to leverage and align with the only global leadership service provider who specialises in ’Sustainable Transformation’ personally and professionally


1. Successfully completing the pre-enrolment form and interview selection process
2. Must have completed a Evolved 3 Day Leadership Advance
3. Participation at all four of the 3-day residential Coaching Clinics
4. Participation on all Tele-classes
5. Police check compulsory for all new candidates
6. Openness to being coached throughout the entire programme
7. Agree to not participate in any other education curricula for the entirety of this programme unless authorized

What previous participants said about their experience of Master Coach Sally Anderson

6 Reasons Why This Education Would Be Of Interest To You

You wish to...

1. Build a Financially Prosperous Business

We recognise the importance of building a profitable leadership coaching business. We will give you the skills and confidence to build your leadership coaching business in a way that is sustainable!

2. Transform Your life to an Unrecognisable Degree

A key criterion in our education is that you embody the education such that you exemplify the power of the technology. If you are ready to be powerfully partnered to transform your own life then your clients can be guaranteed the benefit of your transformation.

3. Join a Community of Leadership Peers that are Pioneering Leading Edge technology in the Area of Human Performance

We believe legacy is one of the most important conversations you can facilitate with a human being – what are you doing here? Legacy is not what you leave behind when you die; legacy from our perspective is about what your DNA calls you ti do at soul levels in this lifetime. Another way of phrasing this is presencing yourself to your knowing! You will know if this education calls to you!

4. Embark on a new career and wish to travel nationally and internationally

If you are a person who likes to be at the leading edge then become a leadership coach. Our Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training Programme is designed for people just like you who are exploring new career opportunities. Leadership coaching is a very rewarding career, you get paid to do what you love, you get to work with people from many diverse backgrounds and you have control over your work life balance. And better yet, the opportunity exists to travel and work internationally!

5. Transform People’s lives

Participating in this Evolved Leadership Development Immersion Training Programme will give you the skills and knowledge to work with and develop people. No matter in which context, which industry or which profession, coaching is a powerful way for you to support your clients to move through the process of change and experience the transformation they have always wanted.

6. Make a Difference In The World

We are standing for strong qualitative and quantitative measurements of our education as it evolves in caliber. We are organization that is open to enhancing the experience of our education each and every time it is delivered. Are you interested in being part of a team that wishes to offer some of the best standards of professionalism within the self development marketplace nationally and internationally? Then you are ready to engage in a new level of expansion within your own thinking and enter a new realm of possibility for you and those that you coach.

Key Benefits

1. Certification to use the Evolved Leadership Development Curriculum within a 1-on-1 leadership coaching partnership/group environment
2. Enhanced intuitive coaching skills focused on cause not symptom
3. Sustainable tools and distinctions for yourself and your leadership coaching practice
4. Self transformation and total reinvention of who you are in the world
5. Transform every area of your life – learn to walk it versus talk it!
6. On call support pre and post training
7. Peer review of all coaching conducted for up to 1 year by Master Coach Sally Anderson
8. Referral business through Evolved 3-day Leadership Advances
9. Growth as a leader and a profitable business owner
10. Become part of a team of people who are living life beyond the edge interested in leaving a lasting legacy
11. To be autonomous
12. To earn what you want, your earning potential is not capped
13. To have time freedom, you get to choose your hours
14. To experience being supported as you build your leadership coaching practice by a group of leadership peers, remembering that when the programme finishes is when the programme starts for you as you then enter the Evolved Leadership Peer Community for the life of the licensing agreement
15. To experience being part of a dynamic team who are playing a global game!

Plus you also get to be coached by one of the best coaches around! A priceless proposition.