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The Evolved 3 Day Leadership Advance attracts leaders who are highly trained, those who have been there and done that with their personal & professional development. The one common element between these leaders however, is that the majority have not experienced the level of transformation they would have liked from previous training, nor have they known how to sustain it. That’s where Evolved Leadership enters!

Evolved Leadership is the 1st global leadership service provider that specializes in ’Sustainable Transformation’ both personally and professionally. We believe that if you are going to invest money into change, lets make sure it is sustainable!

The terminology Advance comes from the military.
A Retreat is where you move back, where as an Advance is where you move forward


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5 Key Benefits:

Sustained Empowerment
You’ll know exactly what’s needed to sustain an empowered, fulfilled existence regardless of circumstance

You’ll bring a new level of unprecedented authenticity to who you are and what you do – taking walking your talk to new heights


We believe if you are going to invest money into change, let’s make sure it is sustainable. This we guarantee.


You’ll know what it truly means to lead a fearless existence where love replaces fear both personally and professionally.

You’ll come face to face with your own magnificence as a contribution to the planet! Legacy is not just about what you leave behind when you die.
Are you living your legacy NOW?

Your Advance Course Leader

Sally is at the forefront of Sustainable Human & Organizational Transformation. She is a world-renowned Leadership Coach, Leadership Advance Facilitator, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Author and Master Coach Trainer.

Her 20 years in the corporate world, together with lessons she has garnered through her amazing and unique life story, inspire and help others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success.

‘After 40 years of Management Training and Personal and Professional Development courses, this is the first truly
transformational program I have been on that will last!’

Sally Anderson leads all Evolved Leadership Advances. With fifteen years’ experience facilitating people from every imaginable background, and with every possible paradigm. She’s the world’s most capable facilitator of sustainable transformation.

‘In one word: Priceless. I cannot put a dollar value on this experience, neither can I describe it except to say every person on the planet needs exposure to Sally’s skills, tools and models. Sally Anderson is like Tony Robbins on speed…unbelievable value.’

Each Advance experience is different because each group has different dynamics. Part of the Advance commitment is that you do not share what happens in the program. We are committed to creating a safe environment and what’s shared on tour stays on tour. We believe this is a key component as to why the Advance experience is so life altering!

‘I have been to many retreats and have been involved in coaching as a coach for 4 – 5 years. This is what I would call intense, compassionate coaching at its best. I challenge anyone, anywhere and anytime to find themselves and attend this Advance – it is life changing’.

Full Bio on Sally Anderson:

The Evolved Experience™ 3-Day Leadership Advance is a life-altering, intense experience that produces extraordinary results: sustainable personal and professional transformation.

Not for the fainthearted, it’s designed for those who are genuinely interested in leading an extraordinary existence.

The Advance runs over three consecutive days. Starts 9am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday and Sunday both finish at 6pm, while Saturday finishes at 10pm. Breaks are scheduled every 2-3 hours.


  • Accommodation for the Friday and Saturday evening
  • All meals for the three days
  • All course materials and unlimited access to Sally Anderson – Advance Course Leader for the three days

Your investment is plus GST.

We have 10 spaces available per Advance.

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18/19/20 November 2016