The Taste of Commitment Sucks

I was sitting in a restaurant and one of my coaches who is on the same regime as I am with this weight loss journey walked past me with a shake in her hand.   I had my shake in my hand whilst everyone else was eating a beautiful banquet for lunch.  She looked at me as she walked past, our eyes met and she said ‘Argh the ’Taste of Commitment Sucks’.  It was in that moment that I thought man, this would make a great video.

I think there is some illusion out there that when you are committed you are always supposed to ‘enjoy it’, I am here to tell you 9 times out of 10 that is NOT the case!

I can tell you for free that if I put one more bar, or shake down my throat I think I’ll throw up, but here’s the deal, I am committed to losing the weight and I will do whatever it takes but my breakthrough has been ‘just because you don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean you are not going to do it!’

Think of the Olympic athlete who gets out of bed religiously at 4am in the morning to train.  They have the same feelings everyone else would at that ungodly hour but here’s the thing,

they will not sell out to what they are FEELING or a form of EXCUSES, they will be their word in alignment with what it is they say they are committed to.

I am fascinated by people abdicating responsibility time and time again because of how they FEEL. Think about all the things that you want to commit to and how often you sell out to how you are ‘feeling’ in that moment.  Now a lot of teachers and educators out there may not align with what I am about to say so drum roll please……. here it is….’Who cares what you feel?’  If these feelings are not empowered feelings, why are you feeding them?  If you feed them then you get to let yourself off the hook!

It’s not like it is wrong to be your word, but in achieving sustained results one’s word needs to be gospel.

Why are we our word to everyone else but ourselves?  That fascinates me!  It’s almost like are they worth it and you’re not?  What is that about?

Read on…

Feelings do not have to be the thing that drive everything that you do.   Don’t get me wrong, feelings are important to associate, to sustain change, there is a clear line of delineation between empowered feelings and disempowered feelings.  The ones I am talking about today that do not serve you, never served you, are those feelings that disempower you, the ones that destroy the achievement of getting results in your life!

Instead of allowing these disempowered feelings to have you get off the court use them as an ‘access point’ to stay on the court,

specifically confrontation, resistance and un-comfortability, these three feelings guarantee ’transformation’, but most avoid these feelings.

If you have not to this point produced the results that you said you wanted, this would be a direct result of selling out to disempowered feelings that you have had along the way.

When you can just observe the feeling, regardless how it makes you feel and continue with your commitment anyway then you are onto something.  I feel there is far too much emphasis on ‘how you feel’.  Personally, when one is committed to producing results how you feel is inconsequential if the feelings do not forward your game!  If you are interested in leading and living a committed life you do not have to ‘enjoy it’ every step of the way but the result will have been worth it.

High recommendation doesn’t sell out to disempowered feelings with what it is you say you are committed to…. after all it is just a momentary feeling…….

Knowing this has you experience a level of satisfaction that few eve experience in their lifetime!

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