The topic for the today is ‘Being A 10’, what do I mean by that you may ask?  When I go into a diary, milk bar, convenience store, have to remember what country I am in folks, and they ask me how I am and I respond consistently with ‘I am absolutely bloody extraordinary’, they always respond with ‘What Happened’, I say ’Nothing, I just chose it’.  They can’t understand why I am so high energy.  I lived the majority of my life less than a 0, powerful apprenticeship to now teach people how to live a 10 EVERYDAY regardless of circumstance.  Living a 10 is living the BEST version of yourself 24.7.

A lot say, god Sally I don’t want to bounce off the walls like you, which is interesting for the default identity (disempowered aspect of yourself you keep defaulting to) will always discount a possibility before one even starts to explore a new way of being. Love to get co-creative defibrillators and shock people into getting a heartbeat and stop being so ungrateful for what they have.  Why do you have to wait for the wake up call/mactruck experience like a cancer scare, daughter dying, bankruptcy or redundancy to get that sense of urgency in your life? Bucket lists and dream boards at a level do my head in IF they never get accomplished, if anything they presence you constantly to what you are not committed to!

I am 51 years of age this year and probably if I live into my 90’s I have on average about 40 odd summers left, boy that’s a sobering thought!  When you ask people what a 10 might look like for them they go and do confusion, how convenient!  Heres what I know, if you are not confronting the bejesus out of yourself every day you are NOT transforming, transformation does not lie in that so called ‘comfort zone’ you call it.  If anything that comfort zone is SO uncomfortable!  I highly recommend daily that you go looking to be uncomfortable, go looking to be confronted, go looking to be resistant and this becomes your new norm IF transformation is what you are interested in!

You have two arms, two legs, you’re breathing, you have 24 hours EVERYDAY whats stopping you living them like your life depended on it?  Life is so short people!  I have experienced a lot of death in my life and if theres one thing about death it certainly has you reprioritise whats important to you!  The mantra I live by every day is THINK:DO:SAY:BE = Forward The Game – firstly you have to know what you game is, BUT is what you are thinking daily forwarding the game?  Is what you are doing forwarding the game?  Is what you are saying forwarding the game?  Is who you are being forwarding the game?  If not, how do you expect your game to be forwarded?


If you are ready to STOP flatlining in your life then BEING A 10 is available to you EVERYDAY!

Knowing this has you experience a level of satisfaction that few eve experience in their lifetime!

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