Given that Evolved Leadership are the 1st global leadership service provider who specialise in the arena of sustainable transformation both personally and professionally I thought a video specifically on the subject of ‘Why people can’t sustain change’ would be a good video to do!  So here it is!


All of the education we provide is based on what we term ‘Awareness based Training’.  If you break down the word sustainability you get – You have the ABILITY, to SUSTAIN anything once you are AWARE!  Off the back of an incidence I experienced when I was 15 years of age I literally died in that experience, no one survives an experience like that, but I did.  It took 30 years to put the pieces back together, powerful life apprenticeship to give back what I have learnt, hence the development of the Evolved Leadership Education Curriculum.

What I gleaned from my own dysfunction what cracking the code on what was missing, i.e. What I term your ‘default identity’, the key missing in every education curriculum on the planet. There are many layerings and nuances of your unique default blueprint – albeit how dysfunctional, it kept you safe and needs to be acknowledged.  In the study on ontology, the study of what it means to be human they distinguished that there were 3 significant instances of a negative nature where you separated, where you decided something from the childs perspective and that literally sentenced you for the rest of your life.  Undistinguished. Beliefs and behaviours from a young age are learnt from siblings environment, parents, teachers, school, these form the behaviours we adopt, which in turn form the structures (the foundations we operate from), which in turn forms the culture, which forms the results we experience in life.

Heres what I know, when you do not understand the nuances of your default identity you have no power, it is through understanding it that you can reclaim your power in a sustainable way.  Confusion provides no solace!  You can be as highly trained as you like but unless you apply what you know beyond your default you cannot sustain it, after all, knowledge is redundant unless applied.

We advocate that ‘If you are going to invest money into change lets make sure it is sustainable!’.  To understand your own unique default imprint/blueprint one identifies

  1. Where did it come from?
  2. Why did it happen?
  3. How is it playing out now?
  4. What can I do to circumvent it?


Knowing this has you experience a level of satisfaction that few eve experience in their lifetime!

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