What do you do?

One of my biggest frustrations in what I witness in business is how entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals answer this question.

People are not enrolled in a title, your business card, your website, your branding, they are enrolled in you!

Example of a Water Distributor:


I give an example in the video about working with a client who was a water distributor of this particular type of water in the US.

When I asked him ‘What Do You Do?’, he responded with ‘I’m a water distributor’.  Golly!!!!!!!  So we did some work and I asked him,

‘Why are you so passionate about this water?’, and his response was magic – he said ‘I am passionate about people falling in love with their bodies, how many people do you know of who don’t love their bodies?’.  BOOM, bit different from the response of being a ‘Water Distributor’, right!

What Do You Do? is such an inane question to be asked and it concerns me to see time and time again people in business respond with the rudimentary title which elicits no emotional connection or impact.

There seems to be a high toleration in business to network for little return on investment.  


Put a dollar value on each hour spent networking and crunch the numbers on how effective your efforts are?  Disassociation reigns to producing effective results and I believe one of the main reasons is the lack of emotional connection with what you are promoting or selling.


It is proven in ontological teachings that when two people meet, there are 4 things that generally happen, they are: –


  1. A Sense of Looking Good
  2. The Need to Get It Right
  3. The Need to Have It Handled
  4. Operating Over the Top of Some Form of Fear


And we think that we are present when we meet people!

There is a lot to navigate on that initial first meeting to genuinely be present!  Word of advice, when someone asks you to explain your services do not dilute the power of what you have to offer by answering their questions, instead, state that you offer a 1-hour free consultation and manage the conversation on your terms with professionalism at a time that works for you.  Ask them to get their diary and have them play on your court, not the other way around!

Please, please, please the next time someone asks you ‘What Do You Do? do not respond with a title, i.e. Coach, consultant, lawyer, doctor…instead work with the right subject matter expert to elicit the gold in what you do and know how to hook people into being seduced to want to know more.


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