Loving Objections

I have had the privilege of working with 1000’s of people in the area of sales over the years and am amazed at how many are absolutely lousy in closing the deal. Mastering the close – what is the point of putting all the energy and effort into all other aspects of sales, i.e. networking, enrolment conversations, presenting etc. if you cannot close??????

In my observation this area is the most deficit in most sales teams.  They are highly proficient in all other areas of sales bar this one, which is the most critical.

The topic today is LOVING OBJECTIONS!  Objections are usually stock standard and sadly most HATE objections:


(1)        I need to talk to my husband, my wife, my business partner, my accountant

(2)        I don’t have enough time

(3)        I don’t have enough money/I can’t afford it

(4)        I don’t have enough energy/my schedule is already full

There is a distinction between knowing you are good at sales and OWNING that you are good at sales.  The strength of your character when you are selling is primary if you are wishing to become more proficient at closing, which is my focus for today.

I have provided an example in today’s video on how we at Evolved Leadership deal with objections. It really is an insane conversation to buy into the diversion tactics of the would be clients.

Example of Dealing with Objections


So John, we will call the prospect John – what happens at this juncture is that people table all sorts of objections i.e. They need to talk to their wife, business partner, husband, they can’t afford it, they don’t have the time, energy etc. but I know John (use their name) that you would not be someone who would want to insult my intelligence with a conversation that would insult both of our intelligences for we all know these objections are all diversionary tactics, so why don’t we just elevate the conversation to the real conversation which is, are you committed or not?

If John chooses not to sign it’s because he is more committed to keeping his identity in place that validates his need to continue to sabotage his life.  So long as you know the pain points and so long as you know what they want.

I usually work in 3’s – 3 core goals, then you can prove to the prospect that they are actually committed to keeping everything in place which would make sense because that’s why sabotage is the main commitment of most people you are in front of. It comes comes with the human territory.

In my closing technique I usually table what’s really going on and these are terms like hypocrite, bullshit artist, saboteur, for the purposes of getting them present to the costs of what’s really going on – most of the people who you are in front of are SO disassociated from what they tolerate, so don’t buy into it. Some can view this approach as ruthless, I prefer to reframe that to ’standing for someone’s greatness’, even when they won’t.  People are deluded and being appropriate at the closing juncture does not serve them. Training people in the arena of sales to learn to be ‘inappropriate’ is key to effective closing every time.

If you are in sales and you do not LOVE LOVE LOVE objections then you are dead in the water with closing.  Go looking for them, love them more than any other aspect of the sales process for the reward will be closing everytime.

Elevate the conversation people and start getting the sales results that you deserve!



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