Your Legacy Matters

A lot of people think that legacy is what they leave behind when you die. To me legacy is the most profound conversation that you can facilitate with a human being on the planet.

What is your DNA calling you to be in the world.

What is unique about you? We were all born great, we were all born magnificent. There is no one else like you.  What is it that are you here to impart to the planet?

Recently I was delivering a keynote in Queenstown and asked the audience of 100 people, ‘how many of you can put your hand on your heart and say that you are clear on what your legacy is and whether you are fulfilling on it?

Not one hand went up. It really presenced me to being ‘on message’…

The message YOUR LEGACY MATTERS is a powerful message given the difference and ripple effect it can have on other people and future generations.  Outside of breathing, which is fairly important people, it is critical to know why you are here. Take a moment today, interrupt the doingness of human dogma and consider what your legacy could be for it truly is one of the most significant things to distinguish in your life.

To those that know what your legacy is and you are fulfilling it, I salute you for I get what it takes, and to those that are inquiring, I cannot encourage you enough to find out what it is for it is the ultimate responsibility in the human existence.


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