Who Are Evolved Leadership?

Evolved Leadership is the 1st Global Leadership Service Provider specialising in the sustainability aspect of personal and professional transformation.

The Evolved Leadership Curriculum has been developed by Founder, Sally Anderson over a period of 30 years of experiential learning and research. The research resulted in a meticulously planned, and heavily tested curriculum that has the ability to transcend the dysfunctional aspects of the human condition that deny sustainable transformation.

Having partnered with 1000’s of people from all walks of life, Evolved Leadership has developed an approach that not only transforms individuals and organisations to unfathomable levels, but teaches how to sustain change, after all, we believe, “If you are going to invest money into change, let’s make sure it is sustainable!”

Evolved Leadership work at an individual and collective level within organisations of every size and scale. Over the course of our company’s existence, we have worked with organisations in many sectors spanning the globe.

Where the Education Originated

Since 2002, Sally Anderson and her team at Evolved Leadership have helped thousands of leaders evolve and develop their approaches to benefit entire teams and organisations. Through our vast array of resources and services, we can help leaders and emerging leaders to inspire their teams to achieve more – more efficiently – than ever before for a sustained competitive advantage.

Her corporate background spanning 20 years, specialised in Belief, Behavioural, and Cultural Change nationally and internationally. Through her experience, she witnessed globally, millions of dollars spent on cultural change, yet there was a lack of focus on ROI, retention of the return back to the business. Given the significance of such an investment she felt it was an indictment on her value system to stay in the consultancy realm for she genuinely cared about the sustainability element of the programs she implemented.

She also is a self-confessed course junkie, having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on her own personal & professional development, i.e. books, motivational tapes/CDs, and courses spanning 20 years, she struggled to sustain the change. She experienced that shot of euphoria but alas it was short lived.

This had Sally embark on finding the elusive answer to this thing called ‘sustainability’, at both a personal and professional level. What is the new vanguard you may ask beyond personal and professional development as we know it? We say the ‘Evolved Leadership Curriculum’.  Evolved Leadership’s legacy is to pay forward this unique education such that we raise the consciousness of those who lead.

Deeper Understanding

Changing Perceptions

Core Philosophy

Meet the team

Sally Anderson – Founder/Director

A world-renowned speaker, coach, facilitator and author who is passionate about empowering leaders to overcome their internal barriers to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their lives. She couples 20 years of experience in the corporate world, particularly working in change management, with the lessons she has garnered through her amazing life story to help others achieve sustainable transformations for professional and personal success.

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Roger Te Tai – Director & Cultural Advisor

After 30 years in the construction industry, Roger Te Tai joined Sally Anderson in her bid to help people around the globe overcome their personal barriers and disempowerment. Roger’s diverse background has given him unique skills to help heal divides within indigenous cultures, and to help businesses align themselves more closely with their national identity.

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Sally Guest – Country Partner – Evolved Leadership Canada

Sally Guest is a High Performance Coach, Mentor and Author who is a Country Partner for Evolved Leadership Canada.  Over and above championing her own Leadership Coaching Practice, Sally also heads up business operations in Canada for Evolved Leadership.  She works with high achieving executives, entrepreneurs and leaders to unrecognisably transform their performance both personally and professionally.  Sally is a former corporate/commercial lawyer whose own personal health journey drove her to certify as an Evolved Leadership Coach.  This led to a natural partnership with Sally Anderson and the team at Evolved Leadership to bring this ground breaking education to Canada.

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