For a while now we have wanted to provide exposure to the education in a service offering that gave people an experience of the education in a 1-day format. We have received feedback over the years to create a product/service that preceded the Retreat/Advance experience. Bit like an entrée before experiencing the main course. So we have listened and are excited to announce that we are launching 1 day Empowerment Workshops within our suite of service offerings.

We offer two types of workshops:

(1)       Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshops for the Public
(2)       Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshops for Corporates

Evolved 1-Day Empowerment Corporate Workshops are led by none other than Sally Anderson, world-renowned Leadership Coach, Leadership Advance Facilitator, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Author and Master Coach Trainer to enable people to get a taste of the Evolved Education and walk away with guaranteed breakthroughs of unimaginable proportions in any area of their lives both personally and professionally.

6 Key Benefits for those attending:

  • Guaranteed breakthroughs with anything raised both personally or professionally.
  • Clarity on what is really going on with anything you perceive is holding you back.
  • Learning how to lead a life where you are able to sustain being in your power regardless of circumstance.
  • Ability to deal with confrontation, conflict, resistance, comfortability in an empowering way.
  • Crystal clear clarity on what’s holding you back from living your passion.
  • Learn how to lead an empowered life personally and or professionally for life!
    And much more!


from the Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshop