Individuals ready to uplevel their life to new dimensions, Business Owners, Thought leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Corporates, Consultants, Health Practitioners, Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Coaches, those working with the human condition.

Evolved Leadership is the 1st global leadership service provider that specializes in ’Sustainable Transformation’ both personally and professionally. We believe that if you are going to invest money into change, lets make sure it is sustainable!

Can you imagine a day where you set the agenda? Come with any coaching requests you have on a personal and or professional level and witness LIVE coaching with Sally Anderson, founder of Evolved Leadership. The experience is literally seen to be believed, to bare witness to real-time transformation is transformative in itself, let alone what you personally gain from the day. The agenda is set by those who attend to ensure you get your needs met. Breakthroughs are
guaranteed as a result of the day!

PLUS we will ensure that you leave with an action plan on how to get the most from this workshop, post the experience (because knowledge is redundant if not applied!)


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6 Key Benefits of Attending:

Guaranteed breakthroughs with anything raised both personally or professionally.

Clarity on what is really going on with anything you perceive is holding you back.

Learning how to lead a life where you are able to sustain being in your power regardless of circumstance.

Dealing with confrontation, conflict, resistance, comfortability in an empowering way.

Gaining crystal clear clarity on what’s holding you back from living your passion.

Learning how to lead an empowered life personally and or professionally for life!

And much more!



Sally is at the forefront of Sustainable Human & Organizational Transformation. She is a world-renowned Leadership Coach, Leadership Advance Facilitator, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Author and Master Coach Trainer.
Sally has a long history of supporting organisational, cultural and individual change across the globe. Her 20 years in the corporate world, together with lessons she has garnered through her amazing and unique life story, inspire and help others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success. Sally formulated the unique delivery and content of the Evolved Leadership Curriculum and has spent 13 years refining its teachings. Her revolutionary education can be experienced via Keynote Speaking, private one-on-one Leadership Coaching, 1 Day Empowerment Workshops, 3 Day Leadership Advances, Leadership Development Programmes, Indigenous Workshops and/or Leadership Coach Certification.

Her determination to regain her life from the most dehumanizing experience imaginable, and to dedicating her life to helping others, has shaped her personal development and destiny to become one of the most pre-eminent speakers and transformation coaches we have seen.


Phil-Holland-empowerment-workshopAn internationally recognised Business Consultant & Coach, Phil Holland realized that the level of frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, dissatisfaction and performance that business owners were experiencing were directly linked to the love they had for their business. Phil realised quickly that no matter how much ‘ consulting’, or strategy plans he put in place for business owners, that they would sabotage these if they were not present to loving their business (or why they didn’t love their business).
As a result of this Phil has created a unique, results driven program that has seen many business owners reclaim the love for their business, this has saved businesses from failure, saved marriages and saved lives.

The Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshop is a highly interactive workshop that produces life altering results for those who chose to attend. We notice that a high majority of people who attend are in some phase of transition in life and they find this workshop life altering for they gain crystal clear clarity on their direction as a result and absolutely have a breakthrough with HOW to transition SMART!

The 1 Day Empowerment Workshop starts at 9.30am, with pre-registration at 9am. Finishes at 5:00pm. Breaks are scheduled every 2-3 hours


  • Morning & Afternoon Tea
  • Lunch
  • Unlimited access to Sally Anderson/Lead Workshop
    Facilitator & Phil Holland/Evolved Leadership Certified Coach

Your investment includes GST.

We have 50 spaces available per 1 Day Empowerment Workshop.


The Tauranga Club, Level 5, Devonport Towers, 72 Devonport Rd, Tauranga

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Literally THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Powerful day, great collective learning. Themes are common regardless of circumstances. Sally’s ability to create breakthroughs consistently for 8 hours was beyond inspiring to witness

Today I attended Sally Anderson’s Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshop. One word would be “WOW”! Sally’s no bullshit approach is not only confronting but incredibly liberating. I HIGHLY recommend EVERYONE to do this workshop! Life changing!

Powerful day filled with a no-frills, direct approach full of love and support. Never witnessed the level of transformation in one room in my life! Truly amazing to experience!